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Menopause – Never Felt These Feelings Before? Part 1

Suzan Turan Personal Coach for Menopause

Menopause In Theory: For the past 15 years I have been providing natural remedies and advice to women experiencing symptoms of menopause.  The main one of those symptoms seemed to be that of sweating. Night sweats,  hot flushes or hot flashes as our American friends call it. So we offer herbs that deal with the body’s sweat process. Makes sense, as some women literally have … Continue reading Menopause – Never Felt These Feelings Before? Part 1 »

Flower Power 21st Century

FLOWER POWER – HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE IT? Well the official meaning in the 70s was “a slogan used as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology”. Meanwhile in Australia, a man by the name of Ian White created a flower power of his own which lives on to this day as powerful as when it began. Ian grew up in the Sydney region, where … Continue reading Flower Power 21st Century »